20th January 2012 - New SA Publishing Company Carries on Regardless

Adelaide, South Australia, 20th January 2012

On the day I begin my weekly R&R Books Film Music update, it looks as though the prognosis for business is bad all
around. Not just globally - the World Bank's forecast for the year is at best gloomy - but in particular in the publishing industry.

We released our first fiction book last month - we thought in time for Christmas - but that didn't go to plan. Though we
secured a nationwide distribution deal, no orders for Robyn Opie Parnell's "Maya and the Crystal Skull" have yet appeared,
despite her being the bestselling author of over 85 children's books.

We even joined the Australian Publisher's Association, as any good publisher should, only to be sent their first newsletter of
the year, informing us that 2012 was to be a major challenge for publishers.

The reasons? An increasing downward trend in book sales - roughly 6.1% a year off-line; the continuing closure of retail
book outlets across the country; and the phenomenal rise of what they call 'Open Internet Users' who, in general, don't
want to pay for copyright material these days. Even schools are apparently becoming increasingly resistant to paying for
digital content.

The old publishing maestro himself, Rupert Murdoch, recently tweeted that Google - and its policy of displaying copyright
material free to the world - was effectively signing the death warrant for the book and film industries.

So why do we choose now to start a new publishing and production company?  

"Well, it's a natural progression for us," CEO Rob Parnell says. "We've been selling books online for over ten years now and
getting very good at it. We have a lot to teach the publishing industry in that regard.

"Plus, we have a whole raft of book, film and music projects we want to share with the world over the coming year.

"Most of all, we have what has always kept us ahead of the competition: boundless optimism and the sense we're merely
fulfilling our destiny."


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