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Maya and the Crystal Skull

Robyn Opie Parnell

RRP: $2.99  Click HERE to purchase the R&R paperback

The Mexican jungle, ancient Mayan ruins, dangerous bounty hunters and evil kidnappers.

15 year old Maya's life has changed. The fate of the world now depends on her.

PSI Kids Book One: Willow

Rob Parnell

RRP: $7.00

Willow Barke is 13 - and psychic. Dismayed at the death of her favorite magazine editor, Willow seeks the help of 12 year old Harley and his ghost friend to investigate...

Stop! Do Not Read This Book

Robyn Opie Parnell

RRP: $2.99

Every day is a battle for Sam. Life gets so bad, Sam is ready to move to Antarctica.

Stop! Do not read this book -- and help Sam keep her secret.

Triffic Tales: Caught in a Cyclone

Robyn Opie

RRP: $2.99

Christmas Eve, 1974, Cyclone Tracy hits Darwin in Northern Australia. A moving tale of one family's ordeal during a true-life event.


You're Amazing - The Law of Attraction for Young People

Robyn Opie Parnell

RRP: $19.95

 A comprehensive book which will change your life. You can easily be happy and successful. You can easily live a happy, problem-free life. No one will ever upset you again. You only need to know how&ndash-and here are the answers, at your fingertips.